About Us

MBHE Group Pty Ltd – Our Vision

To empower Africa through sustainable and renewable resources. MBHE Group is a holistic energy services company with our head office based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 1996 primarily as a boiler design and manufacturing company, MBHE spent several years acquiring a record of accomplishment in the Southern African sugar – and paper and pulp sector. MBHE has built longstanding working relationships and a respected reputation in the power generation industry through the successful implementation of several projects including the Van Eck power station in Namibia and Amatikulu sugar mill.

In 2008 MBHE received an order from the Central Energy Fund for an 8.4 Megawatt (MW) biomass power plant, a turning point in the history of the company. This paved the way for the establishment of sister company, MBHE African Power.

MBHE African Power is a renewable energy project development company focusing on the design, implementation and ownership of operational energy assets that lead to sustainability and cleaner production. These projects include technologies in biomass, biogas and solar photovoltaic and the company has now added waste to energy to its portfolio.

Today, following a recent consolidation, MBHE Group consists not only of the original boiler design company and MBHE African Power for renewable energy project development but also MBHE Operations & Maintenance (O&M) which is dedicated to small-scale operations and maintenance of renewable energy assets as well as providing technical and administrative management services on behalf of the shareholders within the various project companies. In addition, MBHE O&M offers energy audits, installation of energy monitoring systems and billing reconciliation for our clients.

MBHE Environmental was established in 2015 as part of MBHE Group with a strong focus on evaluation and monitoring of waste streams and the management principles thereof with the view of diverting waste from landfill. These waste streams include MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), Biomass and various municipal and industrial effluents. MBHE Environmental has a clear understanding of the hierarchy of integrated waste management as the fundamental basis to every operation. Its successful implementation results in cost savings as well as a reduction in the impact that the disposal of waste has on the environment.

MBHE has closely been involved in the development of a number of biomass projects in South Africa. With our team and experience, MBHE has been involved in major biomass to energy, solar photovoltaic and wind energy projects under the renewable energy independent power producer’s procurement program as well as private sector embedded generation initiatives.