MBHE O&M Pty Ltd

Dedicated to small-scale operations and maintenance of renewable energy assets as well as providing technical and administrative management services on behalf of the shareholders within the various project companies.

In addition, MBHE O&M offers energy audits, installation of energy monitoring systems and billing reconciliation for our clients.

Core competencies/service offering

  • O&M of small scale energy generation facilities
    • Solar PV
  • Energy efficiency
    • Registered with NBI under the PSEE as a preferred consultant and service provider.
    • Registered with the CSIR under the NCPC as a preferred consultant and service provider.    

Power and Harmonics Analysis

MBHE conducts state of the art power and harmonics analysis on your facility to determine your current power consumption profile and opportunities to improve power quality. Through accurate measurement and ascertaining your detailed consumption profile, we can determine potential energy savings through:

  • Load shifting
  • Phase balancing
  • Power factor correction
  • Installing high efficiency motors
  • Installing variable frequency drives
  • Installing variable speed drive
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Lighting upgrades ​
  • Process improvements through automation