Solar PV

MBHE is an industry leader in the design, supply, installation and operation of solar photovoltaic technologies and systems and has successfully installed Solar PV systems for major clients across Southern Africa.

MBHE’s Solar PV solutions and related technology has been tried and tested and meets the specifications and in all respects satisfies the requirements of our clients;

MBHE’s solar panels, inverters and ancillary equipment fully comply with applicable international standards and are all purchased from recognised global manufacturing leaders and suppliers.

MBHE’s installations are accompanied with a certificate of compliance and meet the South African statutory regulations and standards pertaining to electrical installations and works.

MBHE is leading industry with several training programmes offered on solar photovoltaic solutions and installations for different levels of expertise.

MBHE prides itself in only using equipment made of the highest quality and performance, ensuring maximum system life expectancy to withstand harsh weather conditions in accordance with the National Building Regulations (NBR). Therefore, MBHE’s balance of system (BOS) is made of 304 SS clamps, bolts and nuts to avoid bi-metallic corrosion and 6005 sea grade Aluminium rails that have been extruded and anodised. MBHE only recommends tie-in of rails onto purlins and not sheeting to ensure that the system can withstand very harsh weather conditions with wind speeds exceeding 144 km/h inland and 270km/h in coastal or island regions.

All DC cable will be covered from direct UV exposure and Certificates of Compliance will be issued for earthing and lightning protection systems by our team registered with the Earthing and Lightning Protection Association of South Africa as well as for the electrical works by a registered Master Electrician. A full data book set will be issued to the client upon completion including sign off on master punch lists and quality control procedures.

With our dedicated team of professionals, we guarantee seamless integration of the various aspects of the project through our suppliers and local expertise. MBHE has successfully completed commercial Solar PV Installations across various sectors of industry including Hospitals, large scale Refrigeration and Cold Storage, Commercial Office Space and Educational Facilities, Manufacturing and Production Facilities as well as Retail Space.