Boilers – Steam and Heat Recovery

The core Business of MBH Energy is Water Tube Boilers for Industrial and Power Station applications. The range of boilers offered, are for medium to high pressure applications with superheated temperatures up to 520°C, if required. We design for a variety of fuel types from traditional fossil fuels to a range of biofuels including wood chip and bagasse.

Our services include design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of Biomass boilers for woodchip, bagasse, and other biofuels. We will adapt and deliver unique designs to suite our client’s desired boiler conditions as well as their various types and qualities of biomass fuels.  By continuously enhancing our designs we keep on delivering efficient and reliable products and boiler components such as:

  • The MBHE BioBurn Combustion Chamber
  • The MBHE BioBurn Grates
  • Specialized Biomass Fuel Feeder Systems

MBHE provides performance analysis for Power Station Boiler Plants to optimise the Boiler capacities and efficiencies obtainable. We modernize Boilers units and provide modifications and new equipment as applicable on a turnkey basis.

MBHE’s range of Industrial Boilers include Single and BI-Drum Boiler designs of natural circulation. The Boilers are for solids, gas and liquid fuels, as required. Units are shop assembled or field assembled depending on size.

​MBHE’s range of Waste heat boilers are: BI-drum Water tubes and Tube Shell Boilers depending on the pressure range.