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Solar PV

We are an industry leader in the design, supply, installation and operation of solar photovoltaic technologies and systems.

Boilers - Steam and Heat recovert

The core business of MBH Energy is Water Tube Boilers for Industrial and Power Station applications. The range of boilers offered, are for medium to high pressure applications with superheated temperatures up to 520°C, if required. We design for a variety of fuel types from traditional fossil fuels to a range of biofuels including wood chip and bagasse.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer highly efficient and operator friendly designs to ensure maximum operating time.

Waste to Energy

MBHE has firmly positioned itself as the leader in Waste-to-Energy (WtE) project development in South Africa.

798.12 kWp Solar PV project at the Steilloop Shopping Centre in Limpopo

In March 2022, our MBHE installation team commissioned and completed a 798.12 kWp Solar PV project at the Steilloop Shopping Centre in Mokopane, Limpopo.
We are grateful to GMI Property Group and DJJC Consulting Engineers for affording us the opportunity.

System info:

  • 798.12 kWp
  • JA Solar Modules / Huawei Sun2000 Inverters

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265 Von Willich Avenue, Centuria Park, Block 6, Centurion, South Africa